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August 23, 2020


Lunch: Courgette & Red Pepper Pitta - Serves 2


Have recently discovered Cohen's Bakery and we just love their regally named Buckingham Boulangerie Pitta Bread.  So, decided to have a pitta stuffed with some vegan goodies.


The boys needed some substance before they set off on their 35 kilometre bike ride around the Sussex lanes, hopefully this will sustain them - if not, I'll probably have to make them a protein shake when they get back.




2 pitta bread, warmed in the oven

2 roasted red peppers, sliced thinly


1 large courgette, sliced lengthways

Small handful of sun dried tomatoes

Handful of rocket

Torn basil leaves

Olive oil (1 cal) spray

Chilli sauce or tabasco

Salt and pepper, to taste




Heat the oven to 140C, meanwhile wash and prepare the courgette and then slice lengthways. Spray a frying pan with olive oil and add sliced courgette. Fry both sides on a gentle heat until brown, be careful not to burn.


Now warm the pitta bread for 5 minutes. Whilst the courgettes are frying and the pitta warming, start thinly slicing the red peppers. For informal lunches I tend to opt for jarred piquillo peppers in water.


Remove the courgettes from the frying pan and the pitta from the oven.  Slice the pitta down the middle. Use a sharp knife so that the pitta doesn't break up. Now, spread some hummus over one side of the pitta, add some rocket, sliced courgette and the thinly sliced red pepper. Pop a few sun dried tomatoes on top and some torn basil leaves. 


Finally, add a couple of drops of chilli sauce and season with salt & pepper.


Voila! One fresh tasting pitta served with yummy veggies and tasty hummus. You can also serve a fresh green salad on the side - maybe top with a few kidney beans to boost your fibre and protein at the same time.



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August 23, 2020

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