You may have noticed our tagline for our blog..."When one teaches, two learn". That pretty much sums up the reason we created the Travilearn Blog.  We want to share what we know about the travel industry and in turn, you share your comments, ideas, experience and feedback. We want to learn more about you, so that we can develop our learning platform to meet the needs of our potential customers - YOU.

Our business is called Travilearn and we are soon launching a whole range of training modules and best practice toolkits, designed initially to address subjects related to corporate travel, but eventually to cover all aspects of travel (including leisure).

So, to get our blog started we've come up with a few hot topics that we want to share with the travel community.  We've started with Travel Risk Management, which is very high on organisation's agendas, given the recent global events in Europe and the Middle-East.

Over the next few weeks we will be adding more topics, including: Travel Technology, Big Data, Duty of Care and the New Distribution Capability (NDC).  All of these are the latest trends being debated in the business travel industry right now.


We will have a number of travel gurus contributing, carefully selected for their unbelievable knowledge and experience - the ninjas of the industry...

Every market has its own challenges and we want to learn more about your market, the nuances, opportunities and trends.  The travel community can learn a lot from each other by sharing our experiences.  At Travilearn, we will articulate this, not only through our Blog, but through our future courses and toolkits.

What we publish in these blog posts represent our views.  You are encouraged to respond and add comments, make suggestions and even, disagree - with one condition: please keep comments relevant to the conversations taking place, maintain respect for all those involved and contribute value and depth to the discussion.  We moderate comments and will quickly remove any that are offensive, disrespectful or irrelevant.  Please do not advertise or promote yourself and do not post private information.

Thank you for reading, visiting and being part of this Travilearn Blog.


Email me at: karen@travilearn.com


Email me at: andy@travilearn.com

Karen McKenna

Head of Education, Travilearn

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